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Hiring Overseas

There are hundreds of call centers in the Philippines.  How do you know which one to select to help you with your overwhelming day; inbound or outbound calls, administrative assistant duties or accounting functions? Granted experience seems to be the first thing that pops into your mind, but I want you to consider something else.


Where is the call center located?   Is the call center a Philippine corporation?


I am going to tell you this from my own experience and how I finally decided on the right place with the right people.  


A call center can be just about anywhere from the back of a church to the 15th floor of a high rise downtown.   I know you can’t just fly over there to make sure that you are selecting the right center but ask for pictures.   Make sure you see the equipment being used by the agents and the building location.  Weather is a major factor when it comes to attendance and if the location is difficult to get to, your agents will be absent during bad weather which in terms of a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, can be quite often.   Your Up time should be 99.9% guaranteed in writing, this is difficult to promise if your agent is taking calls in her garage or in a dilapidated building that floods in the rain.


Next and in my opinion most important, is the center a registered corporation; do they have a Tax Identification Number (TIN)?   Get a copy of the paperwork, make sure the agents are being paid their benefits and not just “cash” over the table.    Cash is a pretty popular way to pay agents to work in a call center, but it does not promote loyalty and at the end of the day, its illegal.



JustPressOne is located on the 10th floor of the Tower 5 Ayala Central Block, a building built in 2019 with state-of-the-art technology and guarded floors.    We are a registered corporation, and like a proper organization we contribute to all of the country’s social welfare programs:  Social Security, Philippine Health, Public Housing Fund.  Although it is unlikely that our employees will need these benefits any time soon, we are doing our due diligence to contribute to the betterment of all Filipinos. This is important to us as we are privileged to do business in this amazing country and along with provide great jobs to as many as we can, we do our social part. Stay tuned for future development; we will continue to share exciting stories on our blog telling of our exciting tales growing a business in the Philippines.


For more information see, call us at 877-311-6602 US / + 63(28)299-3856 PH or follow our many social media platforms. 

Stay informed, Janice

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