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Remote customer service is now available

Remote Customer Service Now Available for your Service Business If you are experiencing issues retaining dedicated customer service representatives to provide top notch front/back-office support services or you simply need to add more cost-effective staffing, we have the answer for you.   Our specialty is providing technology-based personalized support services that are custom configured around

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Paid claims status

Do you think the status of a ‘PAID’ claim means it’s completely paid? The answer is probably not! For example, if you submit a Whirlpool claim through ServiceBench containing both parts and labor the status is posted as PAID. However, this only means your labor will be paid. As shown below the amount submitted includes the parts

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Invalid parts invoice numbers

Do your appliance service claims get rejected for Invalid Parts Invoice Number? One of the most common claim rejection reasons across all manufacturers is, “Invalid Invoice Number by Parts Distributor.”    Whose fault is this? Having filed and adjudicated thousands of claims on behalf of numerous appliance service companies,  we have found the primary reason for this rejection

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Manual claims filing

Manual Claims Filing. Really? Believe it or not there are still some appliance manufacturers/suppliers that require their authorized service partners to manually file claims since they don’t/can’t provide the ability to enter them into a portal or submit them electronically. Most often this is due to low claims volume and to avoid the high cost

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