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Do Your People Need to Work From Home?

Call us today for a FREE demonstration at (877) 311-6602 or visit our website www.justpressone.comfor more information on why we should be your back off support center.

Use JustPressOne Phone System by Aloware

With what’s going on in the world today, many of us are thinking the same thing, what will my employees do if they can’t get to work… we have a solution!

For the life of JPO, we’ve been big believers in a global and remote workforce connected together with technology. We believe that your business phone calls should not rely on any hardware, and should come with you wherever you, or your employees go.

In these unprecedented times, most employees are faced with the question, Can I work from home? however, many current phone systems lack the functionality to support home based staffing. This means layoffs.

Therefore, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Aloware to offer their cloud-based phone system  now free of all setup fees to help our fellow business owners prepare for the unknown and keep their families together.

The Aloware platform can be setup in minutes and your staff can answer your calls via a web browser from anywhere: a beach in Cabo, the Philippines or, most importantly, the safety of their home.

We at JustPressOne believe that the people we work with are our family and there is nothing worse when something threatens the integrity and safety of our loved ones. If you think using the Aloware platform can help your and your family in these uncertain times, please call us.

866-311-6602 OR 714-717-5334
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