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Warranty Claims Knowledge - July 2022

The Future of Claims Processing is here now!

By: Janice Salmon, President & CEO

Each month JustPressOne provides informative articles on warranty claims processing packed with helpful information focused on best practice to avoid rejected claims. This month’s article will be highlighting ‘The Future of Claims Processing’, possible through the application of advanced digital technology, which is unfolding as we speak.

Electronic claims processing (ECP), started in the in the mid-1990’s and today most of the Business Management Software (“BMS”) products and the service management/claims portals, such as ServiceBench and ServicePower, used in the appliance industry still use that original file transfer method to receive your claims for processing. Using technology that is readily available today, we are confident this can be fully automated using an Application Programming Interface (“API”) versus the dated Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) protocols. Therefore, JustPressOne has a team of software engineers and signed partnership agreements with many of the most popular BMS software providers to make this change for the betterment of the appliance service industry.

This technology has also allowed us to introduce ClaimWorks™ over the past several months. ClaimsWorks is a current business services offering and soon-to-be-launched technology solution for warranty, extended warranty and home warranty claims processing. The solution includes the following key attributes:

  • Claims aggregation API for connecting Service Provider commercially available BMS software via JPO to the industry leading Claims Processing portals and to those with specific platform portals provided by manufacturers, extended/home warranty companies.
  •  Auggie™ AI engine for cleansing service provider claims offered as a service.
  • Expanded claims administration services (currently offered service).

Envision your technician completing the service order after the warranty repair while in your customer’s home using a mobile app and receiving the claim status back in seconds!  

Check out this 2-minute video to gain an understanding of our solution.
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