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JPO founder launches ClaimWorks

As a newly appointed preferred vendor of ProTradeNet®, serving Mr. Appliance® franchise owners, we would like to introduce you to our company JustPressOne, Inc. We are a Business Process Outsourcing company that provides Warranty Claims Administrative services for independent service companies in the home appliance service industry. We do this by providing experienced claims administrators to perform specific claims tasks the way our clients do business. The value of our service and support helps our clients lower costs, improve profitability and substantially grow their businesses without incurring the hassles and expense of recruiting, hiring, and managing a claims administrative workforce.
This is the first in a series of monthly articles regarding our experience with processing thousands of warranty claims for our home appliance service provider clients. Our goal is to provide you with informative tips and other knowledge to ensure you receive full payment for the warranty services you perform for all job sources. This month we will discuss the use of truck stock parts on service calls and how this may prevent the payment of your claims if your technicians do not follow a standard procedure. 
Firstly, let’s take a look at how warranty claims with parts are processed. The Parts Purchase Verification process (“PPV”) originally developed by KeyPrestige (“KPI”) for Frigidaire in the mid-1990’s separates the labor from the parts in each warranty claim. Prior to implementing PPV the parts and labor were paid together by the warranty provider. The PPV process requires your company to include the OEM authorized parts distributor number, part number, purchase price and the purchase invoice number on each part line in the claim. This allows your parts distributor(s) to verify that any given part was purchased by your company for service jobs or stock. The parts distributor then either credits your parts account or reimburses you for the part(s) separate from the labor.
Our experience gained from providing claims adjudication services shows that all too often technicians provide written explanations on service orders when using truck stock parts rather than actual part numbers. For example, “used actuator from truck stock“. In situations such as this, your claims administrator must access your parts account or inventory management system to search for the actuator by part number and apply the part number along with the purchase price and invoice number and apply this information to the claim.
How can this be simplified you may ask? When ordering parts for truck stock add the words “truck stock” to the comments area of the order. For all special order parts include the customer’s last name. You may also wish to write the part distributor invoice number directly on the part box so the technician can add it to the service order when used in a repair. 

Stay tuned for ClaimWorks™ a one-of-a-kind warranty claims aggregation and artificially intelligent middleware solution that will pre-screen, cleanse and automatically correct claims virtually eliminating rejections.  Watch the video  for a glimpse of our solution.

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