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Meet Penny our new live virtual assistant

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on why we should be your back off support center.

Meet Penny our new (nearly) live virtual assistant now at your disposal.

Service Notifications and Reminders
> Simple > Fast > Reliable

Answering the phone and hearing a familiar voice of a far-off relative or friend is one of life’s great small pleasures. Conversely, a ring that turns out to be a computerized voice can be as frustrating as the dozens of other robo calls your customers receive.

When your business needs to deliver notifications and reminders, make it sound real with personalized service from Penny.


  • Sounds like a real person
  • Doesn’t take lunch or rest breaks
  • Works 24X7X365

Call us today and ask how Penny can be of personal service to your business and to your customers.

To celebrate this Year of the Pig, last month we hosted a fun contest with a vacation surprise.

Our associate winner is Gail from our call center operation in Cebu, Philippines.

Look which client won the contest.

BenchmarkFR, Santa Ana, CA

The prize – 
A 7 night Luxury Accommodation at a Vidanta Destination in Mexico

Lots of great technology coming your way, keep in touch with JustPressOne.

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