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Manual Claims Filing. Really?

Believe it or not there are still some appliance manufacturers/suppliers that require their authorized service partners to manually file claims since they don’t/can’t provide the ability to enter them into a portal or submit them electronically. Most often this is due to low claims volume and to avoid the high cost of using a third-party system or developing a system internally. 

The following are the brands with email addresses for filing warranty claims: 

When you file a claim manually via email, you are expected to send the following documents.  Missing one of more of these documents will cause delays in your payment.

1.     A copy of the Service Ticket – with all the required fields**
2.     A copy of the Proof of Purchase – with matching purchase date from Service Ticket
3.     A copy of the Product Tag (with both model and serial number)
4.     A copy of the Pre-Authorization (may not required in some cases)

Follow the same rules you have on portals for the timing of the submission. Submit within 30 days of the completed date and make sure you correct or respond to errors in your submission within 15 days of the request for faster payments.

**Required fields
Customer name, address, phone, email, Model, Serial, Purchase date, Receive and Complete date, customer complaint, service performed, Part Information, quantity, part number, parts distributor number, invoice number and any required service codes. 

In an effort to move the industry forward, our job will be to help convince these manufacturers/suppliers to use our economical ClaimWorks platform for claims filing.

If the product tag only has the 18-digit serial number and NO FD NUMBER, you will need to use the following logic to find the 9 digits that are truly the serial number.

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