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JPO is Growing

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JPO is Growing

Can you measure what you cannot see?  
Of course you can. KPI’s or key performance indicators keep you informed as to how procedures, processes or people are performing. At JPO we can tell you on an hourly, daily or monthly basis any statistic related to your inbound or outbound calls.
All call activity performed on behalf of our clients is recorded for reference at any time. This includes time to answer, call duration, agent idle time, callback selection, and more. With our service you always have access to data you can measure.
Service company administrative work can be tedious, repetitive, time-consuming and seem like it’s a waste of time. That is exactly why many of our clients have successfully outsourced this work to sue enabling the to place more focus on the field service operational segment of their businesses.
To learn ore about how we can assist your company by providing the following support services, visit our web site at 
Inbound and Outbound Call Management
Dispatching and Routing
Claims Processing
Bookkeeping and Reporting
Sales Reporting and Analytics
and much more……
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