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Holiday Newsletter 2019

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2019 Highlights

Time flies. 2019 was our 10th year in business. Our goals for growth exceeded our expectations. As the original owner of KeyPrestige Inc. 30 years seemed to drag compared to what we have accomplished at JustPressOne in 1/3 of the time.
Challenges with learning our new cultured workforce, hiring in different generations and using technology to give customers the best way to communicate has been rewarding.
“Be kind, Don’t judge and have respect for others”
Remember there is a shortage of talent in the workforce especially at entry level positions here in the US. Change your perspective on outsourcing by working with us to fill those positions.
Happy Holiday, Janice

Our Amazing Overseas Staff

Helping you, get it done!

Lots of great technology coming your way, keep in touch with JustPressOne.

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