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Employee News - February 2024

Gratitude in Action

AT Sacramento has been an integral part of the growth of JustPressOne Inc. They are not just a client but have become a great partner sharing resources and strategic ideas to improve our services. 

The owner Val Ivanoff has made it a point to visit the site at least every year. This 2024, all AT Sacramento agents together with their account manager, Kryssa came to Cebu for a productive work week which was very well supported by the HR Manager Klynn Sadili-Cañete, Training Manager Erik Diago Babol, and QA Manager Krenery Carlos to collaborate in creating efficient processes within the account. Overall, the visit did not feel like work but it was fun and an enjoyable moment for everyone.

– Gwilym Jenkin Un Operations Manager

JPO and AT Sacramento have formed a special bond over the years, from allowing us to use his account for training, to weddings and office visits. We would like to give Tim a big thank you for our growth. Not only has Tim been there to guide us in the active group processes, but he is also a huge advocate for agents’ advancements. JPO trainees are gaining knowledge by getting hands-on experience while catering to AT Sacramento customers. We thank you for allowing JPO trainees to pave the way to their success. This hands-on experience allows agents to be placed on other active members’ accts as we continue to bring on new clients.

– Carmen Sanhueza Director of Operations

Dedication and Excellence

Newly Hired

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Employee of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce the recipient of this year’s Employee of the Year award! After careful consideration and evaluation, it is our pleasure to recognize Gretchen Pastolero for her outstanding dedication, exceptional performance, and significant contributions to our team and the organization.

Gretchen has consistently demonstrated unparalleled commitment to the development and growth of her trainees. Her tireless efforts in delivering impactful training programs have not only enhanced the skills and knowledge of countless individuals but have also inspired and empowered them to reach new heights of success.

Through her innovative approach, unwavering enthusiasm, and genuine care for the advancement of others, Gretchen has truly set a benchmark for excellence in the training profession.

Congratulations Gretchen Pastolero on this well-deserved honor. Your contributions to the field of training is truly exceptional, and we are privileged to have you as a shining example of excellence in our industry and a true pillar of growth and leadership within JustPressOne Inc!

God bless you both on this day with a lifetime of shared love and joy.
From your JPO family!

Moving up the Ladder


Year of the Wood Dragon Celebration

Annual Drawing Contest

All submitted entries will be posted on our website for a community-wide voting session on February 12 -18, 2024.

The drawings with the most votes will win fantastic cash prizes!

1st Place: $50

2nd Place: $25

3rd Place: $15

Birthday Celebrants!



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