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3 Key reasons why you must use IVR Technology

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When today’s customers interact with businesses, they want their voices heard and problems resolved quickly and effortlessly. That’s why many companies have adopted technologies such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to respond to a customer’s query around the clock, automatically.

3 Key reasons why you must use IVR Technology

DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS Routing inbound calls to the right person at the right time makes customers happy.  Further providing the customer the right answer without an agent’s assistance makes the request more efficient.  Ask a few simple questions first so the caller gets to the most qualified person quickly. 


SAVE EVERYONE TIME AND MONEY  Speed, independence, convenience and self-service are key words for your customers.  If you can create a menu of options that are simple and direct you can answer an unlimited amount of incoming calls.   For example; your hours of operation, directions and brand/product types you service.

A recent study found live chat cost businesses $5.00 per contact, live person $6.00-$12.00 per contact
and using an IVR solution is less than $1:00 per contact.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Get to know more about your customers by using IVR solution to conduct post call surveys, phone polls or marketing campaigns.  Ask your customer their likes, interests and demographics.  Provide reminders and notifications to let your customer the status of their service with you.  Make the perfect first impression when your customer calls you!

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Did you know that the ServiceBench Business Management Software   enables service companies that provide field or on premise service to maximize the operational productivity of their work force and is scalable for any business size, in virtually any industry and provides users the flexibility to easily configure the software to run their businesses the way they want to.

Field technicians have mobile access to proven tools that enable them to manage their schedules and job details, access product triage information and research and order parts with seamless real time connections to your company’s preferred suppliers.  Plus, office staff get near instant job updates and can visually see each technician’s location for intelligent emergency job scheduling and assignment.
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