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Increased Approval Rates
Our technology and service eliminate errors and streamlines claims processing to increase approval.

Automated Processing
Experience faster processing turnaround with our state-of-the-art processes executed by Auggie our proprietary artificially Intelligent software engine. 

Skilled Claims Adjudicators
Qualified adjudicators with industry experience amplify the benefits of automated efficiency.

An Optimized Claims Service and Technology Solution

We live in an Artificially Intelligent (“AI”) economy. From chess-playing computers, real-time speech recognition on our smartphones, to self-driving Tesla’s, technologies powered by AI are accomplishing specific tasks by processing large amounts of data accurately and adapting to patterns in real-time. 

But you may not know we have begun to use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms  using predictive data analytics to power the next generation of claims processing.  

Meet Auggie™ our proprietary claims processing genius. Auggie gathers all completed warranty/extended warranty jobs on an end of day basis and assigns them to expert claims adjudicators familiar with your business management software and the most popular claims filing systems. Productivity is gained by limiting the knowledge needed by one individual to get the maximum number of claims submitted,  accepted and paid by each of your job sources.  Your job is to handle only those claims that are missing critical information, such as product serial numbers, or that may require you to contact the job source directly. 

Enjoy an acceptance rate nearly 100% because we possess both the knowledge of the unique business rules by job source and technology to get your claims processed and paid in a timely manner. 

Real-time Analytics
& KPI Monitoring

Our easy-to-understand visual analytics gives you all the data you need to make the right decisions. Filter by team or agent or date and set custom KPIs for your team to aim for and achieve.

Designed to help you offer exceptional customer service, our dashboard always monitors the outcome of calls, disposition codes, and key metrics to help you optimize every step of your workflow.

Our Services

Inbound Contact
Center Service

Inbound Contact Center Service

We manage scheduling calls for appliance service centers all over the country. We handle each center using their own service management software with immediate updates and complete security and confidentiality.

Outbound Contact Center Service

Outbound Contact Center Service

Our live agents call customers to confirm information or we automate using customized caller id, toll-free calling or texting to remind or update customers about the status of their service appointment.

Front & Back Office Support Services

Back Office Services

Reallocate your resources to other important projects let us to the tedious, repetitious work such as making sales calls, filing insurance and warranty claims, routing technicians, placing orders, data entry and more.


Automated Calling

We specialize in helping service centers, offering low cost methods through technology.
Good Communication = Good Business.

Text Messaging with Customer Consent

Text Messaging with Customer Consent

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time – automatically. Update the customer that the technician is on the way thru our Intelligent SMS Solution.


Customer Surveys

Ask your customer on a scale of 1-5 how would they rate their service using a friendly automated voice call and collecting answers immediately. Surveys can be as simple as one question or as complicated as you like to get what you need for pennies a minute.

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