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“Hi, I’m Penny your personal
virtual assistant.”

Call me at 855-65-PENNY to learn more.

Automated Outbound Dialing and SMS Text Messaging

Technology based Service you can count on...

Technology based Service you can count on...

It doesn’t always pay to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes it does, and this time around that wheel is your customer experience communications  process.

JustPressOne offers automated outbound call and text messaging services for service call appointment reminders, part receipt notifications, address confirmation, scheduling job updates and much, much more.

As experts in outbound customer contact management, we understand the importance of strategically delivering the right messages to keep customers informed without the burden of office staffing.

Meet Penny, our personal, human-like virtual assistant. She can:

  • Make repeated attempts to contact your customers with important updates until she reaches them; considerate, voice friendly, yet persistent.

  • Deliver clear, complete, and personalized live person and voice mail messages in a language of your choice.

  • Ask your customers questions and gather responses which are reported back to you.

Benefits of Employing Me as Your Personal Assistant

  • I sound human-like.
  • I don’t call out sick or take paid vacations.
  • I work non-stop.
  • I increases availability of customer service with no additional staffing costs.
  • I am available at the fraction of the cost of a human agent.

Our customers use Penny’s services for multiple notification types.

With a simple connection to your service business management system, service call appointment calendar or an Excel file containing your job status updates, Penny will call and talk to your customers or leave a voice mail with many different types of updates including:

  • Service call appointment confirmations and reminders.
  • Informing a customer an appointment has been cancelled.
  • Notifying customer parts have arrived and to call to schedule an appointment.
  • Notifying customer their appointment has been confirmed and a tech will call when enroute.
  • Notifying customer technician is running late.
  • Notifying customer there will be a delay on a part order and they will be contacted when parts are received.
  • Calling customer to remind them to empty refrigerator prior to arrival.
  • Calling and asking the customer to rate their satisfaction after the service call has been completed.

Personalized Service The Way You Do Business

Power Dialer

Predictive & progressive dialers

Advanced Routing

Simultaneous dial and round-robin

Soft Phones

No hardware or downloads needed

Smart Queues

Minimize hold/wait times with callbacks

SMS Messenger

2-way business texting with MMS

IVR Toolset

Call recordings & custom greeting

Powered by

Real-time Analytics
& KPI Monitoring

Our easy-to-understand visual analytics gives you all the data you need to make the right decisions. Filter by team or agent or date and set custom KPIs for your team to aim for and achieve.

Designed to help you offer exceptional customer service, our dashboard always monitors the outcome of calls, disposition codes, and key metrics to help you optimize every step of your workflow.

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