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no labor issues, no sexual harassment,
no work comp, no sick leave, no downtime,
no liability and NO DRAMA.

The wrong expectation gives a bad first impression.

…lots of factors go into selecting the perfect person to join your team.

  • What is the positions’ job description?
  • What eight hour shift will be worked?
  • Does the agent require prior experience?
  • How complicated is the training?
  • Is there software integration?
  • What level of written grammar is required?
  • Is industry experience necessary?
  • Do you need someone who can think on their feet?
  • What level of mutli-taking is involved?
  • What level of decision making is involved?
  • Is this a temporary or permanent position?
  • What Microsoft tools are required?
  • Is a man or women preferred?
  • Do you need a certain level of maturity?
  • How many people are needed for the project?

Prices Range from $5-$25

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